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Durability: /

Heat: /

Sells for:

EP chance: % per tick (% of max)



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Basic Overview

Cells = power and heat

Power = money

Money = Bigger cells and more money

Lots of money = particle accelerators

Particle accelerators = exotic particles (EP)

EP = more upgrades and new toys for more power, heat and money!

TF = Time Flux = Offline time accumulated (speeds game up when enabled)

Exotic Particle setup

To generate Exotic Particles you will need to put heat into a Particle Accelerator and immediately take it out. To do this you can use either Heat Exchangers or Heat Inlets. See below for an example:

Particle Accelerator setups



Based on Reactor Incremental.

UI based on Sci-fi User Interface Elements by Buch.

Patch Notes

v1.3.2 - June 14th, 2018

  • Improvement:
    • Upgrade tick catchup to offline ticks!

v1.3.1 - June 12th, 2018

  • New Features:
    • Save data exporting and importing
    • Additional hotkeys/macro:
      • Hold keys in bracket and click to use the macro
      • Row (ctrl)
      • Column (alt)
      • Spacing options (number)
      • Don't filter by part (shift)
      • Checkered fill (ctrl+alt+shift)
    • A reset button!
    • New upgrade which prevents outlets from outputting more than what the vent can handle
    • Speed hack toggle, throw more stuff into their own layer and thus reduce paint time (at the cost of memory)
    • Tick catchup
  • Improvement:
    • Replacing now works with same category parts, eg: downgrading, switching cell type
    • Replacing tiles is now faster
    • Less cpu usage when not on reactor tile panel
    • Shift/Double click now works on empty tiles
    • Greatly improve performance
      • Faster repaint time by layering frequently updated ui (Improve fps/lag)
      • Faster tick timing (faster loading after offline)
      • Less lag spike for UI, tooltip
      • Percentage bar and overheating redness are now updated in steps (reduce repainting)
    • Tile queue now buys as many as possible per tick
  • Bug fixes:
    • Right click no longer buy stuff
    • Fixes Heat Control Operator adding heat
    • Left+right click triggering double click function and deleting tiles
    • Replacing tiles with another now reimburse the amount for the part
    • Fixes reflector ui load bug
    • Fixes heat outlet heat distribution bug with multi-tier setup
    • Fixes extreme plating adding to max power despite not being bought yet
    • Make sure background get updated when placing plating so it doesn't get stuck on red

v1.2.0 - February 7th, 2015

  • Signific code changes that shouldn't (but may) affect gameplay
  • Added Objectives
  • Removed old Particle Accelerator upgrades
  • Added individual experimental Particle Accelerator upgrades

v1.1.0 - January 13th, 2016


  • Added patch notes
  • Styling fixes to "pages"

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with game loop firing too often
  • Platings (and possibly other things) now give 100% of their cost back when sold
  • Fixed sell costs for some components
  • Reflectors now start with a base % greater than 0
  • Multiple Exotic Particles gained when over 100% chance
  • Fixed support for larger touch devices to allow for selling, etc


Experimental Upgrades

Rebooting the reactor will remove all parts, regular upgrades and money. Only your current experimental upgrades and EP will stay with you.

All of the above applies, however this will undo all your experiment upgrades and refund all your Exotic Particles.